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Tango Arrangements – Part 1

Would you like to learn the basic guidelines for developing a Tango arrangement?

In this course I am going to share with you all my knowledge and experience linked to the role of the musical arranger in Tango.


Part 1

Teacher: Ariel Pirotti
Modality: On Line
35 lessons of original content

The course is focused on providing knowledge and skills to aesthetically, stylistically and technically approach the composition of arrangements based on the vast repertoire that makes up Rio de la Plata citizen music. Part of the analysis of the elements that coexist and give shape to a musical arrangement. The substantial technical elements of the genre, its development and notation within an arrangement. General planning of work and exhibition of tools. The dynamics of the course are asynchronous, with classes recorded in high resolution audio and video.

Course program:

- Basic orchestral roles
- Melody in Tango
- Phrasing
- Solo, Soli and Tutti
- Melodic ornamentation
- Articulation and phrasing (notation and analysis)
- Melody on the piano (different arrangements and notation)
- Bass lines
- Lower limit of intervals
- Mixed ringtones
- Ornamentation on the bass lines
- Common harmonic uses in Tango
- Reharmonization processes
- Counterpoint
- Bandoneon, instrumentology, notation and analysis