Artist: Orquesta de Tango de la UNA

Title: Impresiones Porteñas

Release Date: January 1, 2019

Label Epsa Music

Format CD

Impresiones Porteñas

The UNA Tango Orchestra released its record work Impresiones Porteñas at the end of December 2018. While awaiting the next release of the physical CD, the material is now available on Spotify

Impresiones Porteñas is the third album by the Tango Orchestra of the National University of the Arts, under the direction and arrangements of Ariel Pirotti and with the voice of Lautaro Mazza as guest singer.

Impresiones porteñas proposes exploring new sounds with symphonic approaches and original compositions. This record label includes the work «Retazos Troileanos», by Ariel Pirotti.

About “Retazos Troileanos”

The work, rooted and minted in the heart of Buenos Aires, takes as its conceptual axis the work of Aníbal Troilo, emblematic composer of popular music from Buenos Aires. Aníbal Troilo's original work - or rather pieces of it - is taken as raw material for the construction of a new language. Indeed, it is not an arrangement or a potpourri. The work and the compositional figure of Aníbal Troilo thus acquire a new perspective. Carving in this way a language that goes beyond the sounds of the typical tango orchestra, and that at the same time resignifies and deepens the aesthetic experience of city music, highlighting, as a tribute, the figure of one of the most outstanding composers of Argentine popular music, Aníbal Troilo.